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“Global Citizenship Litter and Waste” Awareness Day

The Green School Committee held a whole school assembly on Friday 18th November 2017. The purpose of the assembly was to increase awareness about our next flag “Global Citizenship Litter and Waste”.

Mrs. Duggan, the Green School coordinator, made a presentation exploring citizenship in our community and how the effects can ripple out and have a global effect. The Green School Committee designed interactive stations that the pupils could visit. Each station encouraged pupils to be environmentally friendly.

Station 1: David and Ódhran reminded pupils how important it is to use a “Bottle for Life”. They showed a short video entitled “The Life Cycle of a Plastic Bottle”. They had surveyed pupils twice already to see if they had been successful in encouraging pupils to use a recyclable bottle and tap water. They will conduct a final survey in the coming weeks. By cutting down on the use of plastic bottles we will reduce litter and pollution worldwide.

Station 2: Saoirse, Sophie and Ciara were in charge of the Biodiversity station. Ciara conducted an interactive survey to find out how many pupils grew vegetables. She discovered that 49 pupils out of 160 did. By growing our own vegetables we are reducing our global footprint. Sophie showed pupils how to feed the birds in the colder weather and told them facts about the great tit that nested in our camera nesting box. Saoirse had a game where pupils had to identify and label Irish garden birds.

Station 3: Charlie and Niall have been monitoring the use of hand papertowels in the school. Their station reminded pupils “to be tight with the white!” They also showed pupils a cartoon reminding them not to litter. They had an interactive game telling pupils how to save paper.

Station 4: Abi and Aoibheann were encouraging pupils to save energy. Everyone who visited the station made a pledge to save energy. The pledges are on display in the school. They also ran an art competition. Pupils designed a light switch surround reminding everyone to switch off and save electricity.

Station 5: Niamh, Ciara and Brownyn were telling pupils about “Fair Trade” products. Pupils watched a video which explained why buying Fair Trade products can make a difference to the lives of farmers in developing countries. They also had a quiz and the winner was presented with a “Fair Trade” selection box.

Station 6: Luke and Christian were responsible for the Global Goals station. They explained the 17 goals and reminded everyone about being good citizens. Pupils who visited the station placed a dot on a map of the world if they had family living there. It was interesting to see how far our relations had travelled globally. Hopefully, when pupils from Hollywood travel globally in the future, they will be good citizens who are environmentally aware.

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